Stories of a Simple Life

Everyday is a story from which we can learn someday

Korea, East Asia!

on May 7, 2013

I don’t remember when I started loving Korea, but I wanna be there someday. This year, I sent my proposal to God :exploring East Asia, Korea belongs to East Asia, eh? Could it be? Allah has been very kind for ‘flying’ me to Taiwan and He’s always be!
well, I just need to believe, work hard, and pray…

We never know where we’ll be in the future, but surely we can plan it.
We never know whom we’ll meet, and when we’ll meet them, even we don’t need to plan that things. As long as we’re taking good way, we’ll always meet good people, I hope.

Someday I’ll meet great people in Korea insyallah, aamiin…
*and let the others learn from the unforgettable moments.


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