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New Project on Korean Language

on February 28, 2013

Begini nih kalau bukan ahlinya tapi coba-coba jadi ahli, semoga berhasil deh, amin… dan yang paling penting jangan sampe malu-maluin…. Thanks to Dinda dan Mas Adi untuk bantunnya merampungkan project ini 🙂


Atin Kurniawati
Graduate Student of Linguistics Universitas Gadjah Mada, Jalan Sosio Humaniora 1 Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia


Korean Pop (K-Pop) has been widely accepted in the world including in Indonesia. Korean artists including singers, actors, and actresses have successfully become new idols of people, especially youth. In Indonesia, there is a K-Pop fans community named UKLI (United K-Pop lovers Indonesia) which is organized in many districts or cities. One of those districts is UKLI district Solo, Central Java which gathers K-Pop fans in the area. The members of UKLI usually have their own idol of actress, actor, boy band, or girl band however they also unite in the community as Kpop lovers in general. In the community, they grow together creatively as K-Pop lovers by establishing some division such as dance cover, band, film, and singing. As they are included in a community, UKLI members have their own identity that represents their involvement is the community and as K-Pop lovers in general. As K-Pop lovers, their appearance and style are influenced by Korean style. Not only can be seen from their style, but also their communication shows Korean influence for example by using any Korean expressions while they are communicating in Bahasa Indonesia. Most of them are not Korean language learners. They know Korean expressions from Kpop media such as dramas, movies, magazines, or songs. The use of Korean expressions in UKLI members’ communication is interested to be analyzed, more interesting since they are not learning Korean language intensively. This paper would like to describe the Korean expressions used by UKLI members, and errors in the expressions usage.

Keywords: Korean expressions, UKLI, language errors


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