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Maintaining Local Languages through Creative Industry

on November 13, 2012

Maintaining Local Languages through Creative Industry

Atin Kurniawati and Dinda Setyahati Asrining Tyas
Graduate Student of Linguistics Gadjah Mada University


Indonesia is rich of local languages that reflect Indonesians’ identity and wisdom which have to be maintained. Unfortunately, some factors such as the impact of national language, bilingual or multilingual society, globalization, migration, intermarriage, disaster, the less achievement towards local languages, and its less intensive communication within various sectors have endangered the existence of local languages. Nowadays, hundreds of Indonesian local languages are endangered due to the mentioned factors. Thus, there must be efforts to maintain local languages by all Indonesians through various ways. Recently, the efforts of local languages maintainance in some regions have been mostly centered in the sectors of government and education, while it should become the responsibility of all Indonesians. Indonesian people may take place in the efforts of maintaining local languages through many ways that suit their interests and skills in various sectors. One of the sectors that can be optimized is creative industry which has recently become one of the focuses of Indonesian government. Creative industry has a big potential to take place in the effort of maintaining local languages since it covers various interests of society. People can run creative industries based on their interests. Furthermore, creative industry could closely and easily reach the society, as the local languages users, in daily life. This paper would discuss how creative industry could be optimized in the effort of maintaining local languages by investigating the developed sectors. Moreover, it also would analyze the opportunities, threats, solutions and recommendations toward the development of creative industries especially in fashion, IT, music, and culinary so that it can optimally take place in supporting the efforts of local languages maintenance.

Keywords: local languages, creative industry


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