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My First International Paper Presentation, starting point.

on September 16, 2012

Teachers’ Self-Management to Bring a Successful Teaching

Atin Kurniawati
Graduate of English Department FKIP UNS
Sekulak, Rt.10 Majenang, Sukodono, Sragen, Indonesia 57263


As a manager of classes, teachers manage the teaching-learning activities, the students’ behavior and motivation, and manage themselves as well to promote and facilitate the students’ learning process. Teachers need to be able to make the students feel secure and comfortable while they are teaching. Besides, to get the students’ trust and attention, teachers have to be truthful for the students that they comprehend the materials and the activities including the skill of implementing any teaching methods to facilitate learning. Moreover, teachers’ performance and personality are being observed by the students at anytime so that teachers have a responsibility to build their personality and present good performance to bring them becoming a model among the students. This paper explains how teachers could manage themselves to bring a successful teaching. Some suggestions are also given for how to optimize teachers’ self management.
Keywords: teachers’ self management, successful teaching-learning process


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