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Mengenang BiSAC : Essay About My Self

on April 16, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for allocating your time to read my writing about my self,

I am Atin Kurniawati. I am 21 years old. Now, I am studying English in Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Sebelas Maret University. I spend my time in the university attending lectures, joining organizations, and joining events that care to others and improve my capability in English. I love joining organization since it takes me to a new world in which I know new people, I learn new things, and I make new friendship. Joining organization is not fun at all. Sometimes, I find difficulties to understand others, however, they and I should face any problems together. It’s not easy, but I think that is organization for. Those things do develop my personality and leadership skill. I love joining events concerning in English such as English debate competition, English speech contest, and conversation club. I also like writing. To improve my capability I join any writing competitions such as essay, paper, and even poem.
One of the best moments I ever had is when I became a volunteer in Asean Paragames 2011. It was held in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. It was an ASEAN sport event for athletes with disabilities. I was interested in this event so much because I thought I could implement my English there. But, everything was beyond my expectation. I did not need to use English much because the athletes could not speak English so we just communicate they way we were, as long as we understood what each others. More than that, I felt joining this event was a best gift from God. I admired the athletes so much. They had no legs or hands, some of them were blind and had intellectual disability. However, they didn’t give up. I could see how optimistic they were. Their disabilities had become a power. It inspired me so much and made me more optimistic in my life. And also, I start thinking to give as many as chance for people with disabilities to express their skills and talents. I believe that everyone has a special thing and we have to give chance for everyone to express that thing.
Other best moment is when I god second place in Lomba Aktivis Berprestasi (Best Achieving Activist Competition) troughout central Java and DIY in 2011. It was hard for me since I had failed in the previous years. But I tried it again and I succeeded. In that competition, I showed my ability in writing scientific essay, performing skills, English, and organization involvement. I wrote about Shadow Puppet Show by Using English. In the performing section, I performed my ability in public speaking in English, public speaking in Javanese, writing Javanese traditional letters, and narrating traditional puppet by using English. Those brought me to the second place. Previously, my proposal about Performing Bilingual Shadow Puppet was accepted by DIKTI. My team and I worked with the students of SMK N 8 Surakarta. It was very difficult to train the students speaking English since they were usually performing the shadow puppet in Javanese. However, after giving our best effort for almost 3 months, the show was successfully presented. It was attended by many foreigners and they gave appreciation to our work. Why I concern in Javanese culture is because nowadays I see many young generations don’t know their culture much and don’t maintain it well so that I want to show them Javanese culture is still exist and this is our identity.
I also love adventure. It makes me autonomous, strong, brave, creative, and critical. I joined scout since I was in elementary school and it continued to senior high school. Scout had given me meaningful and unforgettable experiences.
My family totally supports my activities. My father is a civil servant and my mother is a tailor. I have an older sister who has been working in a company majoring in education. They are the reason of my efforts to be successful. Like other children, I want to make them proud of me. Moreover, I want to continually improve my capability and finally give goods for society and my country. I am interested in this program since it gives chance for me to meet new people and learn something new. I believe that ASEAN youth has a same vision to make ASEAN nations better. I believe that this event will inspire me so much and give many ideas to do more better things for Indonesian culture and society. Moreover, this event is concerning in social and cultural activities that meet my interest.


2 responses to “Mengenang BiSAC : Essay About My Self

  1. distryadeanis says:

    Your story is amazing,Atin, especially the Asean Paragames. Next time, I want to join the same event to if there is a chance. Thanks for the inspiring story. Wish you luck forever~

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