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Mengenang BiSAC: Essay About My Interest in BiSAC

on April 16, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for allocating your time to read my writing about why I interested in joining BiSAC,

Youths have a great power for every country. They are the leaders in the near future. For that reason, youths have to continually improve their capability to be a good leader. A good leader needs not only intellectuality but also leadership skill, understanding any aspects of culture, society, economy, and so on. Also, a good leader needs to have a good communication and mutual understanding with others. BiSAC in a youth event concerning in cultural exchange, mutual understanding, and leadership. Those things are needed by every young people in this country including my self. Joining this event will be very useful for me since I can improve my ability in understanding culture, especially my culture and Vietnamese culture. It is in line with my efforts to maintain culture, especially Javanese culture. Knowing Vietnamese culture will enrich my knowledge about culture and I can share Javanese culture with them. We may discuss the cultures and get new ideas about it. This kind of thing is very important for ASEAN youth to establish better ASEAN. Moreover this event will provide a chance to build my leadership skill since I will live together with new people with different characters. As a part of ASEAN, Indonesian youth needs to have mutual understanding with other ASEAN youths since we have same vision to develop ASEAN. I will get new experiences in Vietnam. I hope I can learn as many as good things to be implemented in my life, my activities, and my society so that I can influence others to do the same. I want to be a good leader in the future. BiSAC really gives a chance for me to learn and get things I need to improve my capability to be a good leader for my society, my country, and my ASEAN.


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