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Mengenang BiSAC : Essay About ASEAN

on April 16, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for allocating your time to read my writing about ASEAN tourism,

ASEAN is a unity of nations with great tourism potentials. There so many tourism destination offered by the countries. The destination is not merely an ancient buildings or beautiful scenery. ASEAN has complete tourism destination, such as:
1. Historical buildings
There are so many historical buildings in ASEAN. Indonesia has Borobudur which has been acknowledged as the world seven wonders. Moreover, Thailand is also well-known for its temples. Thailand has thousands temples and it is very interesting. Other countries also have many historical buildings that can attract many tourists for all over the world.
2. Scenery
ASEAN is located in Southeast Asia which consists of many islands. It makes ASEAN has so many beaches that have their own characteristics and beauty. The islands in Southeast Asia are also wonderful. Besides the islands and beaches, Southeast Asia is also well-known for its underwater life especially in Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. It attracts many foreigners to come and enjoy it. With tropical climate, Southeast Asia has a large area of forests and becomes the habitat of many species of animals and plants. This is a great potential that cannot be found in other places.
3. Performance
ASEAN nations maintain their traditional cultures well. One of them is dances. Every country has its own style of dances. The dances are performed in special events or regularly for tourism destination. Besides dances, there are so many performance arts provided in ASEAN, it can be music performance, play, or any other festivals that represent the greatness of ASEAN nations’ culture.
4. Monumental buildings
There are monumental buildings that have been acknowledged by people in the world which re located in Southeast Asia such as Petronas Monument in Malaysia, Angkor Wat in Kamboja, Universal Studio in Singapore, and so on.
Southeast Asia is a complete tourism destination. It is also supported by the warmth of its people. What we need to do is improving ASEAN tourism by developing strong connection between ASEAN nations to promote and improve the tourism quality together. We must help each other to establish a great ASEAN tourism to support other sectors.


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