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Mengenang BiSAC: Essay About ASEAN Community

on April 16, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for allocating your time to read my writing about my goal and plan in 2012 for preparing ASEAN Community

Starting from the spirit of ASEAN which was establish in 1967 to bring about a Southeast Asian Region of peace, freedom, and prosperity for its people, ASEAN community is a must taken action. It has three pillars: political-security community, economic community, and socio-cultural community. In this essay I want to focus on of the greatest potentials of Southeast Asia nations, that is tourism. Although tourism is such a simple thing, but it can accelerate the ASEAN community. What should be our plan and goal towards this issue as youth?
Our goal is to make ASEAN nations a wonderful tourism destination. Each nation in Southeast Asia has great potentials since it has great cultures, beautiful mother natures, and warm people. ASEAN nations should be one tourism destination that connected each country and provides any facilities for tourists visiting ASEAN, not merely a part of ASEAN.
Then, what are our plans to reach this goal?
First, ASEAN people, including the youth, should acknowledge tourism destinations in all ASEAN countries. Acknowledging the ASEAN potentials, especially in tourism, is a must. We can’t take further action if we don’t know about our own potentials.
Second, we have to build a strong network between ASEAN nations. This network is not only important for the government but also the youth. To build a good network we need a mutual understanding so that all programs established will run well.
Third, we will build a connected tourism destinations in ASEAN. This connection provides the tourists any information about tourism destinations in ASEAN and facilities to explore ASEAN. Even, we can offer a package of ASEAN tourism. We are no longer promoting our own country tourism but ASEAN tourism. It can be done by each of us.
Fourth, improving the infrastructures and facility in every country. Good infrastructures and facilities are very important in tourism. As a unity (ASEAN community) we should help each other to make any betterment. The more developed country should help the less developed ones.
Fifth, maintaining the tourism potentials (building, cultures, natures, and so on) well. It is the responsibility of each of us to keep those potentials to attract the tourists for all over the world.
Sixth, we have to improve English fluency. ASEAN community requires a global language to communicate each other. Moreover, as an ASEAN community we will interact will the world to promote and develop ASEAN. That’s why English fluency is a must to prepare ASEAN community.
The development of the tourism sectors will also improve the political-security and economy security because those aspects are a unity. ASEAN tourism destination can be establish only if there is a good politic and economy condition.


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