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Mengenang BiSAC : Essay About ASEAN

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for allocating your time to read my writing about ASEAN tourism,

ASEAN is a unity of nations with great tourism potentials. There so many tourism destination offered by the countries. The destination is not merely an ancient buildings or beautiful scenery. ASEAN has complete tourism destination, such as:
1. Historical buildings
There are so many historical buildings in ASEAN. Indonesia has Borobudur which has been acknowledged as the world seven wonders. Moreover, Thailand is also well-known for its temples. Thailand has thousands temples and it is very interesting. Other countries also have many historical buildings that can attract many tourists for all over the world.
2. Scenery
ASEAN is located in Southeast Asia which consists of many islands. It makes ASEAN has so many beaches that have their own characteristics and beauty. The islands in Southeast Asia are also wonderful. Besides the islands and beaches, Southeast Asia is also well-known for its underwater life especially in Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. It attracts many foreigners to come and enjoy it. With tropical climate, Southeast Asia has a large area of forests and becomes the habitat of many species of animals and plants. This is a great potential that cannot be found in other places.
3. Performance
ASEAN nations maintain their traditional cultures well. One of them is dances. Every country has its own style of dances. The dances are performed in special events or regularly for tourism destination. Besides dances, there are so many performance arts provided in ASEAN, it can be music performance, play, or any other festivals that represent the greatness of ASEAN nations’ culture.
4. Monumental buildings
There are monumental buildings that have been acknowledged by people in the world which re located in Southeast Asia such as Petronas Monument in Malaysia, Angkor Wat in Kamboja, Universal Studio in Singapore, and so on.
Southeast Asia is a complete tourism destination. It is also supported by the warmth of its people. What we need to do is improving ASEAN tourism by developing strong connection between ASEAN nations to promote and improve the tourism quality together. We must help each other to establish a great ASEAN tourism to support other sectors.

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Mengenang BiSAC: Essay About My Interest in BiSAC

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for allocating your time to read my writing about why I interested in joining BiSAC,

Youths have a great power for every country. They are the leaders in the near future. For that reason, youths have to continually improve their capability to be a good leader. A good leader needs not only intellectuality but also leadership skill, understanding any aspects of culture, society, economy, and so on. Also, a good leader needs to have a good communication and mutual understanding with others. BiSAC in a youth event concerning in cultural exchange, mutual understanding, and leadership. Those things are needed by every young people in this country including my self. Joining this event will be very useful for me since I can improve my ability in understanding culture, especially my culture and Vietnamese culture. It is in line with my efforts to maintain culture, especially Javanese culture. Knowing Vietnamese culture will enrich my knowledge about culture and I can share Javanese culture with them. We may discuss the cultures and get new ideas about it. This kind of thing is very important for ASEAN youth to establish better ASEAN. Moreover this event will provide a chance to build my leadership skill since I will live together with new people with different characters. As a part of ASEAN, Indonesian youth needs to have mutual understanding with other ASEAN youths since we have same vision to develop ASEAN. I will get new experiences in Vietnam. I hope I can learn as many as good things to be implemented in my life, my activities, and my society so that I can influence others to do the same. I want to be a good leader in the future. BiSAC really gives a chance for me to learn and get things I need to improve my capability to be a good leader for my society, my country, and my ASEAN.

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Mengenang BiSAC: Essay About ASEAN Community

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for allocating your time to read my writing about my goal and plan in 2012 for preparing ASEAN Community

Starting from the spirit of ASEAN which was establish in 1967 to bring about a Southeast Asian Region of peace, freedom, and prosperity for its people, ASEAN community is a must taken action. It has three pillars: political-security community, economic community, and socio-cultural community. In this essay I want to focus on of the greatest potentials of Southeast Asia nations, that is tourism. Although tourism is such a simple thing, but it can accelerate the ASEAN community. What should be our plan and goal towards this issue as youth?
Our goal is to make ASEAN nations a wonderful tourism destination. Each nation in Southeast Asia has great potentials since it has great cultures, beautiful mother natures, and warm people. ASEAN nations should be one tourism destination that connected each country and provides any facilities for tourists visiting ASEAN, not merely a part of ASEAN.
Then, what are our plans to reach this goal?
First, ASEAN people, including the youth, should acknowledge tourism destinations in all ASEAN countries. Acknowledging the ASEAN potentials, especially in tourism, is a must. We can’t take further action if we don’t know about our own potentials.
Second, we have to build a strong network between ASEAN nations. This network is not only important for the government but also the youth. To build a good network we need a mutual understanding so that all programs established will run well.
Third, we will build a connected tourism destinations in ASEAN. This connection provides the tourists any information about tourism destinations in ASEAN and facilities to explore ASEAN. Even, we can offer a package of ASEAN tourism. We are no longer promoting our own country tourism but ASEAN tourism. It can be done by each of us.
Fourth, improving the infrastructures and facility in every country. Good infrastructures and facilities are very important in tourism. As a unity (ASEAN community) we should help each other to make any betterment. The more developed country should help the less developed ones.
Fifth, maintaining the tourism potentials (building, cultures, natures, and so on) well. It is the responsibility of each of us to keep those potentials to attract the tourists for all over the world.
Sixth, we have to improve English fluency. ASEAN community requires a global language to communicate each other. Moreover, as an ASEAN community we will interact will the world to promote and develop ASEAN. That’s why English fluency is a must to prepare ASEAN community.
The development of the tourism sectors will also improve the political-security and economy security because those aspects are a unity. ASEAN tourism destination can be establish only if there is a good politic and economy condition.

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Mengenang BiSAC : Essay About My Self

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for allocating your time to read my writing about my self,

I am Atin Kurniawati. I am 21 years old. Now, I am studying English in Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Sebelas Maret University. I spend my time in the university attending lectures, joining organizations, and joining events that care to others and improve my capability in English. I love joining organization since it takes me to a new world in which I know new people, I learn new things, and I make new friendship. Joining organization is not fun at all. Sometimes, I find difficulties to understand others, however, they and I should face any problems together. It’s not easy, but I think that is organization for. Those things do develop my personality and leadership skill. I love joining events concerning in English such as English debate competition, English speech contest, and conversation club. I also like writing. To improve my capability I join any writing competitions such as essay, paper, and even poem.
One of the best moments I ever had is when I became a volunteer in Asean Paragames 2011. It was held in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. It was an ASEAN sport event for athletes with disabilities. I was interested in this event so much because I thought I could implement my English there. But, everything was beyond my expectation. I did not need to use English much because the athletes could not speak English so we just communicate they way we were, as long as we understood what each others. More than that, I felt joining this event was a best gift from God. I admired the athletes so much. They had no legs or hands, some of them were blind and had intellectual disability. However, they didn’t give up. I could see how optimistic they were. Their disabilities had become a power. It inspired me so much and made me more optimistic in my life. And also, I start thinking to give as many as chance for people with disabilities to express their skills and talents. I believe that everyone has a special thing and we have to give chance for everyone to express that thing.
Other best moment is when I god second place in Lomba Aktivis Berprestasi (Best Achieving Activist Competition) troughout central Java and DIY in 2011. It was hard for me since I had failed in the previous years. But I tried it again and I succeeded. In that competition, I showed my ability in writing scientific essay, performing skills, English, and organization involvement. I wrote about Shadow Puppet Show by Using English. In the performing section, I performed my ability in public speaking in English, public speaking in Javanese, writing Javanese traditional letters, and narrating traditional puppet by using English. Those brought me to the second place. Previously, my proposal about Performing Bilingual Shadow Puppet was accepted by DIKTI. My team and I worked with the students of SMK N 8 Surakarta. It was very difficult to train the students speaking English since they were usually performing the shadow puppet in Javanese. However, after giving our best effort for almost 3 months, the show was successfully presented. It was attended by many foreigners and they gave appreciation to our work. Why I concern in Javanese culture is because nowadays I see many young generations don’t know their culture much and don’t maintain it well so that I want to show them Javanese culture is still exist and this is our identity.
I also love adventure. It makes me autonomous, strong, brave, creative, and critical. I joined scout since I was in elementary school and it continued to senior high school. Scout had given me meaningful and unforgettable experiences.
My family totally supports my activities. My father is a civil servant and my mother is a tailor. I have an older sister who has been working in a company majoring in education. They are the reason of my efforts to be successful. Like other children, I want to make them proud of me. Moreover, I want to continually improve my capability and finally give goods for society and my country. I am interested in this program since it gives chance for me to meet new people and learn something new. I believe that ASEAN youth has a same vision to make ASEAN nations better. I believe that this event will inspire me so much and give many ideas to do more better things for Indonesian culture and society. Moreover, this event is concerning in social and cultural activities that meet my interest.


Perjuangan Skripsi

Atin Kurniawati. K2208026. THE IMPLEMENTATION OF KURIKULUM TINGKAT SATUAN PENDIDIKAN (KTSP) IN ENGLISH TEACHING (A Descriptive Study in SMA Negeri 1 Sragen in the Academic Year of 2011/2012). Thesis. Surakarta. Teacher Training and Education Faculty. Sebelas Maret University, March 2012.

The aims of this research are (1) to describe the KTSP development of English teaching in SMA Negeri 1 Sragen in the academic year of 2011/2012 involving the role of the school in developing the curriculum, factors taken into consideration in the curriculum development, and the development of the syllabus and the lesson plans and (2) to describe the implementation of KTSP in English teaching involving the class management by the teachers and the teaching-learning activities.
The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative method. The research was conducted from October to November 2011 at SMA Negeri 1 Sragen which is located on Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan 16 Sragen. The sources of the data are events, informants and documents. The data are collected through interview, observation, document analysis and trustworthiness. The data are analyzed through interactive model analysis including collecting the data, reducing the data, displaying the data, and drawing conclusion.
Based on the research findings and discussion of the research problems, it can be concluded that (1) the role of the school in the curriculum development was taken by the principal, the KTSP team, the teachers, and the school committee. The curriculum was conducted by considering the school facility, the students’ characteristics, the demand of society, and the contextual learning. The development of the syllabus and the lesson plans started from by context analysis. Then, it was followed by analyzing the competency standards and basic competencies into indicators. The indicators were used to determine the learning materials, the learning activities, the assessment, and also the learning aid and sources. Then, the syllabus and the lesson plans were sent to the school principal to be reviewed and legalized. However, the students as the subject of the learning process were not involved as the curriculum developers. Besides, the curriculum development had not considered the aspect of live long education and regional and national needs yet. Also, there were some mistakes in developing the syllabus and lesson plans as it was found in the indicator formulation that did not use operational words and the learning materials that did not clearly explained. (2) In the teaching-learning process, the teachers have managed the class well. They built democratic and comfortable situation in the class. They also facilitated the students’ different characteristics by using some methods, techniques, and materials. As learning facilitators, they gave many chances for the students to learn and express their knowledge and competency. The teaching-learning activities conducted by the teachers consisted of three phases: pre-activity, main activity, and closing. The focus of the teaching-learning process was building the students’ competency in using the language. However, the teachers did not explain the objectives of the teaching-learning process. The teaching techniques used by the teachers were mainly discussion, role play, and performance, while there are other techniques that can be used in English classroom such as debate, jigsaw, and games that can optimize the students’ competency.
Based on the result of the research, it is suggested that the implementation of KTSP in SMA Negeri 1 Sragen, especially for English teaching should be improved by involving the students in the curriculum development and improving the teachers’ competency in developing the curriculum and conducting communicative teaching-learning process. The next researchers will conduct more comprehensive research in this field to provide as much as information about curriculum development and English teaching-learning process.

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Hati-hati Memberi Masukan…

Bagaimana rasanya ada diantara dua orang yang sangat berbeda karakter dan sedang terlibat perselisihan kecil. Tetap ditenag-tengah mereka atau kabur? Awalnya saya bertahan dan kemudian kabur…
Di satu sisi adalah orang dengan jalan hidup yang lurus, pandangan yang lurus dan prinsip hidup yang cenderung halus… Di sisi yang lain adalah dia yang telah mengalami ujian hidup yang berat dan hidup ditengah-tengah keluarga yang tidak terlalu menjunjung tata karma (baca: halus)
Siapa yang salah? Bisa jadi tidak ada, bisa jadi dua-duanya…
Didasari niat yang baik: memberikan masukan. Namun akan berbeda ceritanya dan caranya menyampaikan masukan pada orang lain yang berbeda-beda karakternya. Alih-alih diterima sebagai sebuah masukan malah bisa jadi dianggap pelecehan. Maka berhati-hatilah memberikan masukan. Tidak peduli bagaimana karakter kita, kita suka to the point atau bertele-tele, ada hati yang harus kita jaga. Ini bukan hanya masalah kita menyampaikan masukan, tapi bagaimana masukan itu bisa dianggap sebagai masukan. “Berkatalah dengan orang lain dengan bahasanya…” Cara saya berbicara dengan Reni, teman baik saya, akan berbeda dengan cara bicara saya dengan ibu dosen atau teman-teman BEM, atau bahkan orang yang baru dikenal.

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Berakhir Pahit: BiSAC Involvement Cancelation

Impian yang saya pupuk sejak empat tahun yang lalu kini terwujud, tapi justru disaat saya harus memilih antara impian saya dan keluarga. Banyak yang mengatakan impian dan perjuangan saya lebih berharga, tapi saya cuma punya satu keluarga. Akhirnya setelah berhari-hari menggalau dan nggak jelas saya memutuskan untuk mengirim email yang berbunyi…

Ya, saya melepas kesempatan ini karena saya mencintai keluarga saya. Apalah artinya impian kecil bila kebahagiaan keluarga harus dikorbankan. Apalah artinya sukses bila ada keluarga yang tersakiti. Maka saya memulainya dengan mengharap ridho Allah… saya yakin bila Allah adalah sumber dan muaranya maka semuanya pasti indah…
Terima kasih atas kesempatan merasakan kompetisi dan merasakan indahnya keberhasilan. Semoga ada kesempatan yang lebih baik dan lebih tepat di masa yang akan datang.

Terima kasih pak amir dan pak pardi yang sudah merelakan waktu membuatkan surat rekomendari ke bupati Sragen 🙂

Saya berjanji akan memberikan kebanggaan yang lain!

Email menyakitkan:

Dear BiSAC committee

Sadly, because of personal reason, I hardly decide to cancel my involvement in this program,
hopefully, there will be other chances for me joining AYFN program

I,m so sorry for it, it is beyond my expectation that I have to cancel it.

with best regards and best wishes for a best BiSAC this year.


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Dear Miss Atin Kurniawati,

By this mail, we’d like to inform that you are selected to be participants at the Bilateral Students’ Leaders Adventure Camp (BiSAC). BiSAC is a youth and cultural camp between Vietnamese youth and Indonesian youth. The primary mission of this camp is to promote cultural exchange, leadership and mutual understanding.

The BiSAC Program will be held in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam in cooperation with University of Social Sciences and Humanities, HCMC, Vietnam. It will take place on 21 – 27 May 2012.


For participants who otherwise qualify for selection are required to immediately re-register by paying deposit of program fee of IDR 1.000,000, – to the account of BCA, 0373027143 on behalf Setiawan. Deadline day April 14, 2012. Rest of program fee must be paid no later than April 25, 2012.

Participants who do not do re-register without notice until the last day registration otherwise disqualified.

Participants who have committed to re-register, please confirm to the committee immediately by sending a scan of the payment slip and letter of acknowledgment (please find attached file) to The letter of acknowledgment must be signed by participant included “materai 6000”. After that, the committee will send an official letter of acceptance.

Participants are required to submit the latest scan passport on no later April 20, 2012, sent via email to This relates to permitting the participants to stay in Ho Chi Minh City and register to University and other offices.

Participants are required to attend orientation and meet and greet on April 21, 2021 in Yogyakarta.

Deposit of program fee is not refundable.


Setiawan M, S.I.P

Program coordinator of BiSAC

Chapter Indonesia

ASEAN Youth Friendship Network

Mobile : +62 857 2926 8734

Office : +62 274 261 5463

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First Destinantion: Ho Chi Minh City

Here is the announcement that informs my eligibility joining BiSAC! Horeeee….

Dear ATin Kurniawati


On behalf BiSAC Committee, we’d like to say congratulation that you passed the BiSAC’s selection round 1.


1. For applicants who passed the selection round 1 are required (MUST) to make short video in duration minimum 3 minute. The video has to contain the description of yourself, your skill (sing, dance, etc).

2. Please note that you must upload your video on Youtube (then send us the URL link) or you can send it to before 4 April 2012 at 22.00 WIB.

3. After sending the video, the committee will interview you via Skype on the next day (5 April 2012). The time schedule of will be informed after you sending the video.

4. The video is very important thing in selection round 2.

Good luck and hope you will become the next AYFNers.

Best regards,

BiSAC Committee,

Indonesia chapter

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Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara Chapter 1

Ini adalah program yang diadakan oleh Kemenpora setiap tahunnya. Pemuda-pemuda Indonesia akan dikirim ke Kanada, Australia, ASEAN-Jepang, Malaysia, dan Korea. Semuanya gratis dan dapat embel-embel DUTA INDONESIA. Kuotanya berbeda-beda untuk setiap propinsi. Pengeeeen….
Dan saya melakukannya. Jauh-jauh hari saya belajar dan menyiapkan semua berkas termasuk menghubungi alumni yang kebetulah temannya teman saya….cari-cari bocoran, hehe…. Ada beberapa berkas yang HARUS dibawa, antara lain:
1. KTP dilegalisir
2. KK dilegalisir
3. Foto ukuran postcard dan 4×6
4. Ijazah pendidikan terakhir
5. Surat pernyataan belum menikah (bermaterai)
6. Surat pernyataan belum pernah ikut PPAN (bermaterai)
7. CV
8. FC akte kelahiran
9. Sertifikat TOEFL
10. SKCK
Syarat tekahir ini ada cerita tersendiri. SKCKnya belum saya ambil di polres Sragen, padahal sore ini saya harus ke Semarang. Tuing2…. Beruntung Allah mengirimkan teman-teman yang super baik, SKCKnya diambilkan Elsana jadi saya tidak perlu muter-muter ke Polres dan hanya perlu menunggu di terminal….(saya naik bis karena sudah capek menggila beberapa hari terakhir). Sebagai orang sragen yang kuliah di Solo, ini adalah perngalam pertama saya naik bis Sumber Kencono Solo-Sragen dan pertama kalinya memasuki terminal Sragen, jadi peristiwa SKCK memberikan saya pengalaman baru…
Pukul 17.30 saya diantar reni ke terminal Tirtonadi untuk menuju Semarang. Dengan bekal doa saya berangkat.
Seperti dugaan saya, seleksi ini akan dipenuhi dengan wanita-wanita cantik, wellmannered, berdandan, dan punya keterampilan yang baik, tambah lagi, memakai hak tinggi. Saya jadi sangat jauh dari ideal… Tapi ini bukanlah kontes kecantikan, ini adalah kontes kepemudaan, jadi saya santai saja walau dalam hati mulai pesimis…hehe
Test pertama:BERKAS. LOLOS….
Ada cerita unik, saya mendaftar untuk program Indonesia-Australia dan pendaftarnya ada 60 orang (yang hampir semuanya mahasiwa sastra inggris atau pendidikan bahasa Inggris. Baiklah kemampuan bahasa saya tidak bisa dibanggakan disini)
Test kedua: SELEKSI TERTULIS. GAGAL…. Wuaaaa….kenapa?
Ada tiga poin: bahasa inggris, pengetahuan Indonesia dan pengetahuan internasional. Untuk bahasa inggris aman…. Pengetahuan Indonesia ternyata cenderung mengerucut pada pengetahuan keJawaTengahan. Makanan khas Jawa Tengah, obyek wisata, kabupaten, kota dll… dan saya sama sekali tidak paham…. Maaf ya propinsiku tercinta… Sementara itu pengetahuan inetrnasional sangat luas cakupannya dari mulai sekjen ASEAN, film twilight sampai nama maskapai penerbangan Australia….
Saya akui kurang uptodate dengan berita-berita seperti itu. Akhirnya saya harus pulang lebih dulu… Alhamdulillah saya belajar hal baru dan bisa mengukur kemampuan saya sendiri. Bagi setiap orang yang mau mencoba ada 2 kemungkinan: SUKSES atau BELAJAR!
Dan benar saja yang lolos adalah mereka dengan ciri-ciri yang saya sebutkan tadi. Saya harus mengakui mereka tidak hanya menarik dan mempesona, tapi juga pintar. Baiklah saya sepertinya harus memperbaiki penampilan supaya lebih menarik (LHO!!!) tapi tetep syar’i… Yang terpenting lebih banyak belajar dan mengenal propinsi jawa tengah dan Indonesia dan Asean dan dunia….
Terima kasih PCMI Jateng atas kesempatan ini. Sampai jumpa di Seleksi Petukaran Pemuda Antar Negara Jawa Tengah Chapter 2 (kalau saya belum menikah…)…

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