Stories of a Simple Life

Everyday is a story from which we can learn someday

Give up, No Way!

on September 18, 2011

When the sadness come and bring you down
and the chances are closed
when all the faults are yours
and all the weaknesses belong to you
all you need is look into
the heart that has driven you
perfect is nothing for all human being
in which you are belonging
but every single has a right to be better
and the chance is always opened
being perfect is an endless dream
that you will never awake from
the faults,
because you are an ordinary creature
dont waste the time dreaming
coz all you need is trying
to be better,
to be stronger,
and He’s listening every pray
answering evey hope,
if you’re alone
and no one looking back to you
dont waste to much time waiting
let them passed away in the episode
He’ll send you others much better
dont let your heart hurted for long and die
gives it air to breath and it’ll bring you new
do everything you can do,
He gives you as you try to get it…


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