Stories of a Simple Life

Everyday is a story from which we can learn someday

LSP, the Cast

on August 18, 2011

I’ve been several time being here, in LSP. I’ve met some new people with thousands stories and madness, also sadness and confuse. Here they are:
1. Krisnawan Suko Raharjo
I don’t know how to explain about him, he is confusing and think all the things himself. Unfortunately, we don’t have supernatural power to understand what he think and feel. He often said, “up to you”. Then I became so confuse. A leader has a duty to clear up the problem or question, but he seldom make it harder to solve. Without mind to get him wrong, I can understand that he actually is confuse with the situation (maybe with himself too,hehe). But I do believe that he is brilliant, he has good things for us, and somehow he couldn’t make us in his side easily to have the same thought as he has.
2. Wahdatun Nikmah
I’ve know her long time before coming to LSP. She is cheerful and charm. However, she couldn’t keep her temper well. It makes others frightened as she staying in her silent. No longer after that, she’ll be back to the madness.
3. Wijayasari D.W.
She knows anything in LSP even every person and his personality. What he’s doing at the moment. She remembers all the birthday, the agenda, whoever come. Want to know everything about LSP? Just ask her and she will give you complete answer even more.
4. Dyah Pujiastuti
Hm, I’m getting confuse to describe her. Just so so, however, she is the one never has any problem. Her life is so smooth (that what I know, but believe me, every breathing creature has problem, hehe).
5. Dimas Teguh Saputra
He is Mr. Busy, sssttt I won’t give any comment. He is so busy! Don’t disturb him or asking his time without any appointment long time before, hehe
6. Isma Malikah
I don’t know whether I write her name correctly or not, hehe… she knows many things, but she is a confusing person. She knows what to do and how to get the things done but I don’t know it seem so hard for her.
7. Sudarwati
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa she has been ready yet to be the next “wahdatun nikmah”. I have a big hope on her. So far, she could do her job as well. Just need to ASK her HARDER.
8. Rifqi Fatihatul
Masyaallah. I think that all people in LSP are those who has been selected. All of them have a good contribution and capability. Rifqi is one of them. She do many thing and all the things. She will be a successful person in the future (aamin). She can be a good leader, keeping humble and charm.

9. Siti Nurrohmah
Wow!!! I lead the person who is smarter than I am. She is brilliant and creative. Sometimes she looks angry, that is her way. I know that she can keep herself, keep my self, my sisters and brother. I can’t say more. Wow!
10. Dewanto Kamas Utomo
Tante Atin, he calls me (I look so old with that nick name). He is my enemy and deni’s enemy too, hehe. Never be serious but he has good idea always. And one thing that make me proud of him, he give speech in mosque. He is able to do that! haha
11. Deni Andriyansyah
How is deny? He is older than I am, haha but he is younger in his style. He is a relaxing person. Sometimes he just keep silent and it bring me to the question “does he understand?”
Well, all the things above is just for fun (although, almost all of them is truth, hehe). I love them the way they are. They give me smile, tears, spirit, and happiness. They teach me how to a good leader, how to be a good friends, how to be a good member, how to be a good sister, and how to be a better person.


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